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Here's my SELF contributor page, and a few of my favorite pieces I've assigned and edited are below: 
15 Ways to Mentally and Physically Prepare for Your Abortion Procedure
Why I’m Celebrating Indigenous People on Monday, Not Christopher Columbus
At 20 Weeks Pregnant, I Had Hope for My Baby. At 23 Weeks, I Had an Abortion.
The Pulse Nightclub Shooting Took My Friend’s Life—and Changed Mine
My Late Husband Had the Same Cancer as John McCain, and Health Insurance Was a Godsend
Why the Women's March Against the NRA Is So Crucial for the Black Community
This Excuse for Why 'Game of Thrones' Lacks Diversity Isn't Good Enough
Kudos to Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park for Walking Away From ‘Hawaii Five-0’
Why I Resigned From the President’s Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS
I Transitioned While Working for the Army, and I Wasn't a Disruption
Your Well-Intentioned ‘I Don’t See Gender’ Comment Makes Me Feel Invisible
Why I’m Offering Free Abortions to Texans Affected by Hurricane Harvey
The ‘Thick Dumpling Skin’ Blog Is Crushing Outdated Notions of Asian Beauty

Now, here are some of my favorite SELF pieces I've written: 

Sarah Hyland on Her Second Kidney Transplant, Dialysis, and Living with a Chronic Illness
Gina Rodriguez on Hashimoto's, Equal Pay, and Learning to Fight For Herself
What It's Like to Reclaim Your Sex Life After Sexual Assault
What It's Like to Live With PTSD After Escaping Domestic Violence
How Striving for Thickness Helps Lita Lewis Stay Mentally Healthy
What It's Like to Be an Ob/Gyn in a Syrian Refugee Camp
This Widow's Podcast, 'Terrible, Thanks for Asking,' Will Make You Less Afraid of Grief
Treating Pregnant Women in the Age of Zika
Doctors Are Debating What Endometriosis Really Is—and How to Treat It
14 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Abortion
The Ugly Truth About Dating Online as a Woman of Color
19 Disney Characters Who Completely Understand What Dating Is Like
Beyoncé's Formation Video Shows the Beauty of Black Hair

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