Zahra Barnes

Deputy Health Editor,

Zahra Barnes


As Deputy Health Editor of, I write and commission nuanced, well-researched stories about health issues to help readers feel heard, informed, and in control of their minds and bodies. 

In the past, as's Senior Culture Editor, I sourced personal essays and op-eds in response to the news, along with assigning and editing evergreen love, sex, and culture stories with an eye on inclusion, diversity, and fascinating experiences.

I've also spent years as a freelance writer covering everything from how romantic comedies ruin love lives to why black women die from breast cancer at such alarming rates. As a freelancer, I contributed regularly to,, and My byline has also appeared on the websites of Men's Health, BuzzFeed, DailyBurn, Levo, and Into The Gloss.

When I'm not reading and writing, I spend my time taste-testing every gelato flavor possible, brainstorming names for my future dog, and reading up on race and gender politics.